Student Committees

Editorial Committee

Jennifer Chiacchiaro, Tess Pickar, Diana Vazquez, Taylor Gunderson

The Editorial Committee of the Journal of Ethics in Publishing has been charged with stewarding the fair, unbiased double-masked peer review of journal submissions; identifying opportunities to recognize referee contributions; and developing guidelines to maintain journal integrity.

Marketing Committee

John Broskey, Laila Keadan, Liliann Albelbaisi, Philip J. Boutin, Jr.

The Journal of Ethics in Publishing’s first marketing committee has been tasked with strategizing, designing, and implementing marketing strategies for the journal. Throughout the past couple of months, the committee has met weekly to brainstorm ideas, discuss content strategy, and begin to establish the journal’s identity as a whole.

E-Publishing Committee

Tia Gracey, Tara Jacobi, Enma Villalobos, Jessica Scruggs

The E-Publishing Committee for the GW Journal of Ethics in Publishing has been charged to develop and maintain the online journal presence, maintaining the journal website, appropriate indexing, and successful implementation of industry standards. Currently, we have been focusing on further development of the official website and ease of access to the journals.

Strategy & Sustainability Committee

Joshua Johnson, Amber Avila, Amanda Reser

The Strategy and Sustainability committee is responsible for ensuring operational efficiency within the journal’s diverse team, as well as planning for the journal’s future and continued reach. Joshua Johnson, a founding member of the journal who also serves as its managing editor, leads the S&S committee. Johnson brings five years of professional experience in journalism, technology, and publishing to the team. He resides in New York City.

All names in bold are committee leads.