Inclusion and Identities in the Publishing Workplace

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Inclusion and Identities in the Publishing Workplace

Tick box, 'Other' Dianndra Roberts, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Inclusive Author Name Change Policies Shaina Lange, ACS Publications

GW Ethics in Publishing Conference 2021

Tick box, 'Other' Discussing the importance of inclusive language regarding identities, in particular, how we address protected characteristics such as race, gender, and disability. Dianndra will be taking a look at how we can ensure we are acknowledging language differences on a global scale and how we can support inclusive identities within the workplace.

Dianndra Roberts is the Senior Publishing Coordinator at the Royal College of Psychiatrists working across the books and journals portfolio. In 2019, she founded and chairs the African and Caribbean Forum for staff and is also an active member of the RCPsych Equality Taskforce. In 2021, Dianndra was appointed as Co-chair of the ISMTE DEI Advisory Council. Dianndra is passionate about equality, diversity, and inclusion and how we can use our platforms to be active allies, especially in the workplace.

Inclusive Author Name Change Policies Authors who change their name for any reason—including gender identity, marriage, divorce, or religious conversion—risk not receiving proper credit for their scholarly contributions or face having to publicize personal information to explain the change. Inclusive author name change policies aim to remove barriers to equity and inclusion, professional mobility, and author credit by offering authors the option to update their name on prior publications without the need for an erratum/correction, legal documentation, or co-author approval. This presentation will outline the need for publishers to adopt such policies, how ACS Publications implemented their policy, and considerations for the industry moving forward.

Shaina Lange (she/her) is the Senior Publications Ethics Manager at ACS Publications, overseeing the strategy and activities to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect in the journals program. She also supports ethics policy and case management. Shaina represents ACS in several cross-publisher working groups and committees to improve diversity and accelerate change within the scholarly publishing industry and larger research ecosystem. Previously at the ACS, she led editorial analytics efforts for ACS journals to monitor performance and support data-driven editorial and product development. Shaina holds a Master's of Professional Studies in Publishing from the George Washington University and a Diversity & Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University. Prior to the ACS, Shaina worked in non-profit book publishing following several years in the special events industry.; Twitter handle: @ShainaLange

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