Ethics in Digital Publishing

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Ethics in Digital Publishing, Allison Levy, Brown University Digital Publications

Widely recognized as accessible, intentional, and inclusive, Brown University Digital Publications, launched with generous support from the Mellon Foundation and with additional support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Institute for Museum and Library Services, is helping to set the standards for the future of scholarship in the digital age. Drawing on the work of BUDP, this presentation will focus on considerations and opportunities unique to born-digital publishing, from expanded access to heightened reader awareness and agency to inclusive author support.

Allison Levy, Director of Brown University Digital Publications, brings together key organizational, academic, and technological resources to support new forms of faculty-authored scholarship, resulting in pathbreaking, award-winning publications. She also spearheads efforts at the industry level to advance the conversation around the development, evaluation, and publication of born-digital scholarship in the humanities. A hallmark of BUDP under her leadership is the centering of access and inclusion in the practice and production of digital scholarship, as exemplified by the NEH Institute on Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities “Born-Digital Scholarly Publishing: Resources and Roadmaps” (2022, 2024) and the IMLS Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program “Advancing HBCU Scholarship, Diversifying Digital Publishing: A Cross-Organizational Training and Support Program for Library Professionals” (2023-2026).