New Frameworks and Narratives

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New Frameworks and Narratives

Exploring Settler Engagement in Indigenous Publishing Initiatives, Jarin Pintana, Simon Fraser University

Many publishing institutions and organizations are striving to improve the ways that they are supporting Indigenous voices in publishing. In an ongoing research project in partnership with the Indigenous Editors Association (IEA), an inventory of publishing initiatives which support Indigenous publishing is being recorded with comparative focus on Canada and Australia. This presentation will review project findings to date, discuss some of the emerging trends from the research, as well as examine ethical considerations of settler scholars working on Indigenous research and settler organizations/institutions working to support Indigenous literature.

Jarin Pintana is a settler scholar of Thai and Canadian heritage. She completed a Bachelor of Arts and Science (with focus on English and biology) at the University of Guelph, and is currently pursuing a Master of Publishing (MPub) at Simon Fraser University. She works for the University of Guelph in the school of environmental sciences, as well as in the publishing industry in various fields including marketing, data & research, publicity, and sustainability initiatives. She continues to be interested in interdisciplinary studies and using scientific frameworks to better understand the humanities.